effreytcarl aka jeffreeRainbowbeing

Hi I am here to offer my services
in the areas of self-healing ,self-realization and how to become whole again
healing comes from with-in ,You truly, are the only one that can heal you self
when you take responsibility for your life and stop giving your power away
the healing begins 

I call may practice body wisdom 
the body tells us what is wrong with it ,what it needs and what we should do to bring it the body back into  balance  What I have found to be true is that we block our healing through our attitudes, our emotional imbalance and our lack of education about our beautiful body that our consciousness lives in

healing hands

The lines of electric magnetic currents connect us to everything ,like the web of the spiderimg002

I offer 3 different kind of sessions for healing
 tools to help you release
learn how to receive love from within accepting oneself and regenerating yourself
exploring and remembering  clearing all past time line traumas  present day traumas with  grace
learn how to balance yourself through chakra alignment left and right side of your body 
understanding the body energy system and alignments

the first is  what I call energetic shiatsu