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The chakras system is a way of mapping and locating energy centers in our body that process Light sound and Geometry. This is why there is a color and tone related to each center along with a geometric shape.When you apply different vibrations in a inner tone within yourself you create geometric images through the light bodies.
Sound when set into motion creates patterns ,these patterns therefore  energies us or deplete our bodies  . 
The chakras are our portals to our multidimensional self 
Each chakra vibrates to a  color, tone,and geometric pattern.
Witch is why the chakras a depicted as the rainbow spectrum  it is the visible light that we see ,There is also the invisible light that is sensed by our more subtle bodies There also is a sound, tone, or note that corresponds to each chaukra
 Light and sound  is the basics to our world,and our bodies. How we think and feel effects our bodies and the world
 Understanding the chakra system enabling us to balance our bodies and see what is imbalanced
Understanding where these centers are in relationship with our bodies our glandular system(endocrine system),and our nervous system will help you maintain peak performances 


light body
light body

through the working of my intuition  I was able to locate these centers inside of me . Along with my  kinesthetic senes I have been able to feel the relationship between the light centers the chakras and the meridians engery pathways in my body 
Through the understanding of the FLOWER OF LIFE  I understand that everything comes from a single point and expands out  in presise patterns 
The chakras are the spheres of light that reduce to a point of light that encompass are physical body. When the centers of our chakras or spheres move in rotation they create an energy field that enables us to exspand ourselves into more keener perception of how light works around us and within us .
The chemical reaction that effect our edrogen system is the light that is produce in the world  around us.  as the reflection of light from the sun bring us the visible light of the rainbow, there is also the light within us 

Chakras are energy centers in our body. Each energy center  has locations in
1 physical body  sacra l
2 Emotional body pubic
3 Mental body, solorplex
4 Electrical body, heart
5 Etherical body, throat
6 Astral body, third eye
7  causal body cranium 
This is just the beginning. These are the main 7 chaukras then there is 5 additional chakras
1 our root charka that connects us to gaia and to heart of the planet,
2 our star chakra that connets us to cosmos and the cosmic mother and all of the stars and beings there in.
Then we have the 3 fold flame within our high heart where the divine feminin and divine mascaline dance around the flame of the creator spark of our I A M presence.

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